Planning is A part
of adventure now

Plan your adventure

Create custom trip, invite your friends, vote
for properties to find the right one just for your needs.

One app for all purposes

Easily switch between host and guest views and
observ the most important information you need.

The most advanced filtering

Personalized filters will adapt to your search
history and make your journey even easier.

In-App Messaging

Track your reservation status while you’re
discussing trip with friends and split the bill
while you’re completing your booking process.

Zero Transaction Fees

With the benefit of blockchain implementation, PolkaTrail does not charge any transaction fees. All rental fees are transaction fee-free.

Full Featured Dashboard

PolkaTrail will provide a full-featured dashboard for hosts to automate their property management. With enhanced features and blockchain implementation, hosts can enjoy a seamless experience.

Tokenized Rewards

Earn tokenized rewards for reserving travel plans. Unlike other traveling agencies, use tokenized rewards just like cash.